martes, noviembre 03, 2009


... though your heart is aching

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parisa mahmoudi dijo...

Hi My friend!!! :)
How are you? Hope you are fine.

I feel this character is sad about something , I don't know why But I'm worry about this smile.

alicia varela dijo...

Hi Parisa! It's nice to hear from you!
Don't worry!, everything is OK. I'm feeling alright! :)
This character he's just singing a song called "smile", written by Charles Chaplin. I prefere it interpreted by Nat King Cole.
When I drew him It semt to me that he was one of those singers from back in the 40's, or 50's, and I imagine him singing this song,

How are you and How is your new book going??
Thank you Parisa!
Big hug!

Roberto Aceves dijo...

Hola Alicia,
Te he enviado datos de un 'artist exchange', espero que no te importe. Besos, Ana